Types Of Workout Shorts For Men At Alstyle

Short???? A noun or an adjective? Well, today we are going to talk about a noun which is named after an adjective!

A short is short piece of clothing fitting just above the length. It resembles a pant that is cut in half. But what are workout shorts? Do you know about it? Unlike regular shorts, these are short in length but are created in a way that it does not absorb much sweat, are light in weight, extremely comfortable and allows freedom of movement.

There are many types of shorts available in the market currently. Some are cargo style while some have the boho vibe and are ideal for beach vacations. Workout shorts are way different from them. The functionality and appearance vary totally. At Alstyle, we offer all sorts of workout shorts that are available in all sizes and have premium quality. We understand the importance of a fitness regime and so our athleisure products are curated keeping the consumer’s demand in mind. Depending on the type of regime, we have shorts for every purpose. Let’s have a look at the trending types of shorts available with us:

1. Compression Shorts: Compression shorts are made of Spandex. These shorts are more flexible and less restrictive than any other shorts, which is the fundamental distinction between the two. Since they thwart your joints from relocating too freely, compression shorts prevent pulled muscles despite their lack of stretch. They also avoid friction burns because they barely move on your skin due to their extreme tightness. You can wear them for any workout. Are you planning to wear it on your leg day at the gym? Well, that is a great decision! Tuck them with your loose t-shirt to get that look. Additionally, these shorts frequently wick moisture which helps them withstand increased sweating.

2. Cycling Shorts: Are you someone who is more into cycling or spinning? If yes, then these shorts are perfect for you guys. There is a constant pumping of muscles when a person is engaged in cycling activity. Excessive sweat and tightness can cause discomfort and chafing. Thus, cycling shorts are specifically designed keeping that in mind. They are made of dry-fit and loose material so that it doesn’t get stuck in any mechanical part. It generally has a straw string at the waist which can be adjusted.

3. Basketball shorts: Do you think basketball shorts can only be worn for basketball? If yes, let us tell you – it is a misconception! These shorts are worn for basketball but can also be used for other sports activities. The slightly longer length of these shorts makes them different from the rest. This will provide the user with a huge spectrum of mobility. However, there is a small disadvantage to these shorts if you plan to get them for your workout. It may get entangled in gym equipment or catch on any object while jogging. But for kickboxing and weightlifting – these shorts work fantastically!

4. Versatile Shorts: All-in-one shorts can be used for loungewear, athletic or for any other purposes. All-purpose shorts are loosely fitted but relatively close to the body. All types of exercise can be done while wearing this type of clothing, but workouts that require a lot of foot movement shouldn't be done in them because you might feel a little constrained. All-purpose shorts are fantastic for a varied workout at the gym. They can be your companion to every regime. You may layer them with compression shorts, as you can with the majority of gym shorts.

5. Jogging Shorts: Running shorts are airy and stretchy, with a moderate amount of compression to help with chafing prevention. Running shorts often come in two different styles: split and V-notch. Trying both styles of shorts and determining which one fits you best might be a smart idea. Both of them allow for more flexibility and keep you free from rashes. The quality of the material for running shorts is very much to look at as there is a great amount of friction that happens during running or jogging.


Although there are shorts for almost every athlete, the ones mentioned above are the most popular and available at our online store. You may typically wear any pair of shorts for any activity as each pair has a specific purpose. Everyday or versatile shorts that are neither too baggy nor too tight would be your best pick for the majority of gym sessions. You will want something a touch tighter for cycling or jogging to avoid burning. On the other hand, basketball shorts may also fit you the best for sports so that you don't feel restricted.

So, it is even better to stock your closet with a wide variety of workout short styles so you always have options. Hurry and browse to our online shop to get the best athleisure at reasonable rates.