Top 10 Tips Every Woman Wearing a Tight Should Know

For a decade now, tights have become a fashion trend among many women. Wear it under a Kurti or during your workout- tights are versatile enough to serve all purposes. Whether you go for metallic tights or cotton ones, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest style trends, prints, and patterns that only make you look good but also provide a comfortable feel. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for fashion. Maybe, the reason why women’s tights were invented as it meets both.

Do you love wearing tights or leggings? If yes, there are a few tips that you must know then. Let’s have a look!

  1. Experiment with colours: Do you know what is best about tights? It is available in varied colours. So, no matter what colour of top wear you have – tights are always there for rescue! The infinite range of colours in leggings makes it an everyday outfit. For instance, want to go to a gym? Neutral shades like grey, army green, black, and navy can be worn. And want to go casual? Bright hues shall draw everyone’s attention to your legs.

  2. Decide on opacity: You must have seen many sheer tights or some having a patch of sheer like a pattern. It definitely looks hot but on the other hand, it is important to know that opaque leggings cannot be worn everywhere. Especially, for a formal outfit, it’s a big no-no! It thus becomes necessary for one to assess the ‘denier’ number which determines the opacity of the tights. A number of 40 is generally ideal while a 30 one is a little more sheer and ideal for situations when you want to show your silver legs with those high-knee boots.

  3. Keep looking for damages: Have you seen wicks on tights, especially in an area that has a lot of friction? Or a tight material losing its durability and its shape? If you notice any of this in your leggings – then it’s time to say goodbye! Wearing damaged clothes might not only degrade your personality but shall also mess up your entire appeal. We are sure you wouldn’t want that!

  4. Match them elegantly: Imagine yourself wearing dark green leggings with a maroon t-shirt. How do you feel? Isn’t that look really obnoxious? For leggings to look amazing, you should style and match them up fabulously. A rule to this is: Pair light hues with darker ones and keep the footwear of the same colour as your tights. This shall help you appear dapper in the crowd. We also recommend trying monochrome styles to get that x-factor look while you wear the most stylish tights.

  5. Wash them carefully: Washing tights is as easy as wearing them. It can be done anyhow! There are no special washing criteria that one has to adhere to. A good detergent shall do the need! But a crucial thing to know is that if your legging is opaque and has thin fibers, wash it in a mesh laundry bag so that it remains intact in the washing machine.

  6. Avoid drying them in dryers: Dryers function fast so that the clothes can dry quickly. But at the same time, they crumple the cloth to an extent that elasticity is damaged. In the case of tights, if the elasticity is weakened – the garb will be of no use. Plus, it shall reduce its beauty. So, air dry them instead!

  7. Pick one size big: We all know the compression tights create on the legs. Sometimes, this can lead to uncomfortably and pressure on our nerves. Not just this, but the fibers of the clothing fabric also have to stretch more for a longer period. Damage is the result! Do you want to experience all of it? If not, then prefer one size extra while you shop for ladies’ leggings. This shall give you an ideal shape and will also reduce the chance of it being torn.
  1. Freeze your tights: This might sound crazy to you, but it actually works. You might be wondering what wonders it can do. So, let me tell me to tell this weird process can increase the lifespan of your tights. Just soak for leggings in water before wearing them for the first time, squeeze them and then freeze them in a plastic bag and wear it. Wait! We don’t mean to wear it wet, just unfreeze it, iron and wear it. Thank us later for this strange but outstanding tip!
  1. Don’t hesitate with patterns: There are numerous tight trends that are in vogue these days. Metallic, ripped, sheer, dotted, strips – phew! The list is endless here. Now it’s all up to you how to style it. We recommend you go with vertical stripes if you wish to look long or horizontal ones to appear broad. Similarly, experiment with multiple prints and pair a plain Kurti with it to look classy. Classic white tights shall also work the best. The new in-trend faux leather tights are a new to-go fashion. So, don’t forget to try that too!
  1. Quick fixes: Now that we know you are a fan of tights and leggings, how can we resist you showing the most appropriate trick that can be used to fix the leggings in case of hazards? Having a hole in your tights can give a minor heart jerk – but to repair it, all you need is nail paint. Apply the nail polish to a hole and see the area stick to each other. It will take time but trust us, you will have your tights repaired without much hassle. Interesting, isn’t it?


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