Joggers: The Essentials of Streetwear Fashion

Joggers are the new fashion!

From school kids to big Bollywood stars, joggers have become a new sensation worldwide. It is not only comfortable but also makes the person appear absolutely stylish. The current fashion of joggers has left people stunned! It is so versatile that it can be worn to offices, at athletic events, workouts or even while doing household chores. Joggers are the true definition of comfort and style! Probably, this is the reason why it has become the most essential wear of streetwear fashion. All you got to do is pair up a nice top with it and you are good to go. Isn’t it really simple to style a jogger?

With evolving fashion comes new trends every day. And the same applies to joggers as well. But there are a few things that every ‘jogger person’ should consider no matter what gender they belong to. Here’s what you should see:

  1. Reasons Why Joggers Remain At The Top

  • It’s the new fashion alert: Joggers are accepted worldwide nowadays. There is no shame in moving out of the house in joggers. In fact, it looks sassy to roam around in this piece of clothing. This idea is widely accepted and it’s the reason why joggers are loved by many. From wool to cotton, joggers meet all fashion standards and can be your companion anywhere.
  • Great Alternative: For ages, we have had to experiment with jeans and trousers which look good but the discomfort cannot be denied. Joggers act as a great alternative and give amazing comfort. Do you agree with that? Just pair it with loose T-shirts and great shoes to create a similar vibe to that of jeans.
  • Keeps you warm: Winter is around the corner! Have you updated your wardrobe with winterwear? Joggers are ideal for this season as keep you warm throughout. A fleece line jogger is best to opt for if you want something warmer. The versatility of joggers to fulfil various functions makes this outfit in demand amongst people.
  • Ideal for tropical climate: We now know that thick joggers keep you warm, but what about those light and airy ones? They are perfectly ideal for tropical climates such as that of India which will keep you cool and calm without any compromise in style. 

Did you see the vital roles that a jogger can play? There is no doubt as to why casual joggers are so popular these days.

  1. Things To Look For Before Buying Joggers

Are you planning to buy a new set of joggers? There are some things that you need to check prior before buying them. Is it the price tag? Well, that is necessary for your pocket but there are a few things that are even more important for your body. Whether you are buying joggers for men or women -fabric, stretch, fit, feel and comfort cannot be ignored at any cost.

Firstly, look at the fabric. You shouldn’t be purchasing anything that causes you allergies and rashes. For instance, if lycra material doesn’t suit your skin, we suggest you do not buy those joggers no matter how stylish or classy it looks. In short, the idea is to be comfortable! It’s best to try the jogger that you are looking at. We recommend you do a few sit-ups to ensure that it is of your perfect size, stretches completely and meets all standards of comfortability. Remember, there is no fashion without comfort! 

  1. Style Tips To Wear Joggers

What comes to your mind when we talk about styling joggers? Is it a gym jogger with a lycra t-shirt or is it the casual mustard one with a denim jacket? It could be something else as well. And that’s what we are trying to say! Joggers can be styled in multiple ways. Some trending ones are:

  • Inspired by streetwear: ‘Keep it simple’ – this should be the motto to style joggers in a street style way. Are you wondering what should be included in this simple category? You can pick up any traditional joggers and pair them with bomber jackets or work jackets. Now about the shoes, sneakers will put this attire to a new level. Trust us, this basic outfit shall be really effective!
  • Spruce The Casual: We all love wearing casuals all the time. But it is nearly impossible to carry the formal look to get-togethers and meetups. Casual trackies would work well especially when styled with a neck sweater or buttoned shirt. You can also carry this look with trench coats, unstructured blazers and cardigans. 
  • Tailored Outfits: While joggers are constant, numerous top wears can be clubbed to achieve the desired look. For instance, wool blazers shall look dashing with joggers. Like you can take dark shades of grey, black or navy coats and style them with medium-hued joggers. Imagining yourself already? Now, just add nice glares and good shoes – you are all set. 
  • Sporty Luxe: Heading to a gym or other form of workout? Don’t forget to style for that. A sporty look can be easily carried with dark-coloured joggers. You can wear a hoodie, a light-coloured t-shirt or a stringer to complete the look. Keep in mind to limit your choices to solid combinations or basic colours only.

To sum up, the jogger is a perfect piece of clothing that can be donned in any way to get the best appeal. Now, that you know everything about joggers, it’s up to you how you style. Whether you tuck your t-shirt or not or wear dots and stripes – remember you have to exude a simple style statement and be comfortable. Buy a jogger that is good for you. At Alstyle, you can get the best quality joggers in varied colours at patterns. Their collection shall do all justice to your preference.  So, shop the best and get the best for you!