Active Wear: How to Style in your Sweatpants


Some may see sweatpants as being overly sloppy or informal, yet they have made a significant resurgence in recent years. By adding some cosy sweats to your go-to clothes, you can take up your style ante. 

You might be surprised to learn how on-trend you can appear with these. The most significant ways to wear these sweatpants are shown here.

1) Match the same colour top and bottom: When putting ensembles together, matching colours in clothing is essential. Choosing the right colours for your clothing matters whether you favour solid and brilliant colours or more muted tones. Matching sweats are helpful in situations like this. When pulling an outfit together, choosing a pair of cosy sweatpants and a matched sweater will always fit and save time. If you are trying the matching appearance, select bright colours. Wearing a single pair of vibrant track pants will keep you looking fashionable and comfortable, which is everyone's preferred feeling. This year, sky blue and various shades of green should be tried out. These are eye-catching and striking for the summer.

2) Try For Neutrals: We understand if the idea of a vibrant sweatsuit makes you uncomfortable because not everyone like bright colours. Instead, choosing a simple hue can still work wonders. Grey ones and burgundies can be good selections if you need a more modest sweatpants style. If you want to, you can add a splash of colour to these outfits with your shoes or accessories, but leaving them monochromatic is also a fantastic fashion choice. How about wearing a sneaker or boots with such neutral joggers for men? Since the hues aren't too vivid, accessories such as a cap, watch, scarf and so on can be added.

3) Get the Old School Look: In 2021, everyone is following the 'old is gold' trend. People are adopting those ancient ideas and creating the newest trends. Old-school sweat outfits can be found anywhere nowadays. For instance, you can take the style of gym track pants you wore a few years back and experiment with it. Many influencers are also spotted with similar looks, such as sporting the velvet tracksuit and cargo-style tracks. Full velour sweatsuits are now more fashionable than ever, showcasing your fashion sense and embrace of the off-duty model appearance. Although wearing these cosy pants with a matching sweatshirt is excellent, many people have started wearing them with stringers and hoodies for an evening look. You can refer to celebs for this look.

4) Add a layer of coat: Choose a solid pair of sweatpants, such as black joggers. Men love black always - and wear them with an enormous coat. This method ensures you constantly have a fashionable appearance while maintaining a relaxed one. Trench coats, puffer coats, and long denim jackets are all excellent choices for coats to wear with sweats. Experiment with what suits you since all layovers have distinctive cuts and contrasting textures. An excellent technique to complete the look-off is with trainers. These can also be used as an additional means of adding colour to the overall appearance.

5) Pair a Sweater: If you want to be comfortable and fashionable, a slouchy sweater might be your best friend. It's up to you whether you choose a cardigan or a pinafore, but buying anything floppy and significant is ideal. With this style, you can walk out of the house without sacrificing comfort or squeezing into pants if you pair this ensemble with some sneakers and a leather jacket.

6) Wear Them Formally: You can quickly transform track pants for men from the couch to the office with a blazer. In a teleconference, business on top and sweatpants below is the ideal formula. Put on sweats and a casual t-shirt while wearing a fitted blazer. The top should be tucked inside the sweatpants because letting it out can make you look overly sloppy. Turn the sweatpants' hem up for a cropped appearance before finishing the outfit with some semi-formal footwear.

7) Go for Tie-Dye Sweats: The tie-dye craze took all over the internet in 2020. It is still prevailing today and is very trendy in both men and women. They coordinate, provide striking colour and design, and maintain your comfort. All you got to do is select and pair it wisely. Look for pastel-coloured sweats as it makes a lovely outfit. In fact, go for the same printed tracksuit for a fad look.


Sweatpants are now an essential part of everyone's wardrobes as a result of the changes in our tastes over the past year. When it comes to fashion, comfort is typically sacrificed, but this year convenience is in! It is time to embrace sweatpants and wear them stylishly out on the town. Alstyle hopes this list has inspired you in terms of men's fashion.